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Receding Gums In Women

Gum care is very important for any person since it is the most sensitive area of the mouth. But it is especially necessary for women since due to various hormonal factors have increased the risk of periodontal disease.

Causes Of Periodontal Disease In Women

Gum infection is a painful condition that's also referred to as periodontitis. Actually, you won't be thinking about how to take care of gum infection when you follow all these recommendations. Typically, periodontal disease isn't limited to a tooth. As a result, it might be worth noting that there are numerous sort of Gum Disease that won't only harm your gums and teeth but in addition harm your general wellness.

Women have more risk of periodontal diseases such as gum disease or periodontitis mainly due to hormonal changes that occur throughout his life, as they affect the sensitivity of the gums.

At the stage of puberty, when it increases the production of sex hormones, it can appear the known inflammation of the gums. This causes a severe inflammation of the gums, which should be controlled by the patient and if necessary, by the expert in periodontics.

In Adulthood, The Gums May Be Affected For Several Reasons:

Use Of The Contraceptive Pill - Taking the pill can cause gums to suffer Redness And Swelling - This in principle need not be a problem for the patient, but do not go away in a few days, you should go to the dentist for control.

Menstruation - In some women can lead to periodontal problems before and during menstruation.

Pregnancy - In pregnancy women are greatly affected by their oral health because they can suffer inflamed and bleeding gums. It is, therefore, important that dental visits are shortened.

Periodontitis Woman At Menopause - Changes in the gums may occur. At this stage, the last big hormonal change women develop because of lower levels of sex hormones, causing changes in oral health in general. Among the complications that can arise:

Burning Mouth Syndrome - This can cause, stinging, burning, itching or pain. It usually affects mainly the tongue, but the gum may also be affected.

The Oral Cavity - that causes bad breath, fever, sore inside of the cheeks or gums, mouth pain, dry gums and bleeding. The gums are also an important part of dental health.

Tips to regrow receding gums tissues

Follow These Tips for a Beautiful and Healthy smile:

At Least 2 Times A Day You Should:

Brush your teeth 100% organic Naturessmile Gum Balm. Natures Smile Gum balm has 7 natural herb extracts that start rebuilding the lost gum tissues and reverse receding gum line in just a few days.

Rinse your mouth with Natures Smile Oral Rinse: Put a tablespoon of Natures Smile Gum Balm, rinse it for a few minutes and after that spit it out. Do this again more often than once every day to cure inflammation of your gums.

Carried Out Every 3 Months:

Change your toothbrush, whether it is manual, or electric.

To Make Each 8 To 10 Months:

Visit your dentist for review every 8 months. If you are using NS gum balm the results will surprise your dentist.